Gauss-Telegraph: Braunschweig Running Days

Gauss-Telegraph: Braunschweig Running Days

Half marathon with the Gauss Friends on October 28th, 2018


At about 4 °C, five sports-loving Gauss-Friends met on Sunday morning to take part in the 17th edition of “Braunschweiger Lauftage” (engl. Braunschweig Running Days) together with about 1,700 runners. The international team: Máté from Hungary, Younouss from Morocco, Quian and Qiang from China & Sebastian from Germany. Many a skilled mountain runner, some a brave beginner.

The runners gradually gather at the starting point on the Kohlmarkt. Tips are exchanged and some excitement lies in the cold autumn air. But what story is hidden behind this popular running event?

The origins of the modern (half) marathon are far behind. According to the most widespread version of a Greek legend, in 490 BC the messenger Pheidippides had to deliver the news of victory from the battlefield to Athens after a battle at Marathon. According to the myth, when he arrived in Athens, Phidippides shouted “We have won!” And died of exhaustion on the spot. The 42.195-kilometer marathon held today as an Olympic discipline recalls the legendary performance of the messenger who ran the route to Athens to announce the victory message.

Today, runners bring their own personal or collective messages and visions to their destination. Thanks to these motivations, something unimaginable is achieved. Also the Gauss-Friends ran this Sunday with a common message for 21 kilometers through the city Braunschweig. Under the motto “For a cosmopolitan society!”, the five athletes give their all.

Helpfulness, tolerance, respect, commitment, courage, sense of community and solidarity, partnership and equal opportunities and conditions for all. These are the values ​​of a cosmopolitan society, but also fundamental principles of sport.

This spirit of sport, which connects people of different origins, religions and ages, could still be felt today in the city center of Braunschweig. The competitors motivate each other, are cheered on by numerous spectators and help themselves in the final meters to the finish line.

Do you also feel like doing sports together with the Gauss Friends? You can find more information about the international running group here.