Gauss-Telegraph: The Gauss Friends congratulate TU Braunschweig for their 275th anniversary

Gauss-Telegraph: The Gauss Friends congratulate TU Braunschweig for their 275th anniversary

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The year 2020 is a very special time for TU Braunschweig and for the Gauss Haus, because this year we are celebrating the 275th anniversary of the university and the 10th anniversary of the Gauss Haus.

The Gauss Friends Association was founded in 2008 as a student initiative of TU Braunschweig. The Gauss Friends are united by their passion for the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and their interest in different cultures. Thus, the association forms a bridge between science and culture and promotes cosmopolitanism and international understanding. Since 2017, the association has completed the university connection by establishing the Gauss Haus Project at Faculty 6, thus enabling a close exchange with the university and establishing the vision of a welcoming culture. 

One of the special features of the project is the strong networking with university and non-university partners. The trust placed by the university in the Gauss Haus Project has led to the project publishing the book “Johanna & C.F. Gauss – Encounters of a Special Kind” in 2018. The book was created not only by the students and employees of the project, but also through the commitment of the international alumni. Furthermore, the Gauss Haus was awarded the prize of the Federal Foreign Office for excellent support of international students in 2019. This prize is not only awarded to Gauss Haus, but also to TU Braunschweig and all partners of the project.

We would like to thank them for their long-standing support and look forward to further cooperation. The potential of the Gauss Haus is not yet exhausted and together we can enrich international life in Braunschweig with the vision of a cosmopolitan university.

 On behalf of the Gauss Friends and the Gauss Haus project we congratulate the TU Braunschweig on its 275th anniversary! We very much regret that today’s celebrations had to be cancelled. 

Alles Gute zum 275-jährigen Jubiläum! ¡Feliz 275 aniversario! Joyeux 275e anniversaire! 275周年快乐! С 275-летием! 275 वीं सालगिरह मुबारक हो! ! عيد ميلاد سعيد ل٢٧٥ سنة