Gauss Tips

Here they are: The fresh weekly Gauss tips from September 16th to 22th, 2020

Braunschweig, concerts and culture in the garden of the municipal music school – September 16-27, 2020, various dates

As part of the Lichtparcours 2020, small concerts and other events will take place in the garden of the city music school in the evening, e.g .:

  • September 16 (Wednesday) ‘MoMi03: juggling: pattern, style break, FancyPants’ 6:30 – 11 p.m. (juggling circle of friends BS – small demonstrations during the evening. Dress code: pattern, style break, fancyPants)
  • September 18th (Friday) ‘YMAY’ & ‘Annotated Hang Up’ 7pm – 8pm & 8pm – 10pm
  • September 19th (Saturday) ‘Der-Meer’ 8 – 10 pm (A musical journey around the world. From island to island, from thought to feeling, garnished with a little love and social criticism. “Der Meer” carry their lyrics in a combination of accordion, Tuba, and guitar, in which some blues, polka and reggae have got caught.)
  • September 20th (Sunday) ‘Theater: Between the Worlds’ 7pm – 9pm

Admission is free, but prior registration is required.
Further information is available here.

Braunschweig, Theater: Between the Worlds – September 19, 2020, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

A piece on the 30th anniversary of reunification and Germany today.
When thousands of GDR citizens fled to the FRG via Prague and Hungary in 1989, Ellen Schernikau drove in the opposite direction and returned to her homeland after 23 years from the FRG. She applied for GDR citizenship, which she received in October 1989. Five weeks later, the land of longing collapses. Sophie Delest took this unbelievable story as the starting point for her play “Zwischen den Welten” (Between the Worlds), in which she deals with the question of what it means to cross borders, what it means for the individual to leave his home and be new in a foreign country to begin with why people who theoretically have the best prerequisites to settle in in their new home country never really arrive there and finally, why Poles and East Germans sometimes understand each other better as “Ossis” and “Wessis”.

Entry to the event costs 9 euros. More information here.

Braunschweig: Puppet theater “NIYAR – Eine Papiergeschichte” – ​​September 18 and 19, 2020, at 8 pm

“NIYAR – A Paper Story” is an object and puppet theater piece made entirely of paper and entirely without words. An artist sits lost in thought on a mountain of crumpled paper. With every rejected idea, the tower gets bigger. In the midst of this creative crisis – suddenly life. A paper figure appears and takes the artist on a poetic journey. Admission is free with a student ID of Braunschweig, but tickets are required.

Further information and tickets are available here.