Gauss-Telegraph: Pilot phase of the “Gauss-Zertifikat”

Gauss-Telegraph: Pilot phase of the “Gauss-Zertifikat” Improve your German skills with the “Gauss-Zertifikat” (at least level B2 recommended) You want to improve your German and learn a lot about Carl-Friedrich Gauss? Then you are exactly right with the “Gauss-Zertifikat” of the Gauss-Friends. As an accompanying measure to your studies, you will attend popular science lectures,[…]

Gauss-Telegraph: Braunschweig Running Days

Gauss-Telegraph: Braunschweig Running Days Half marathon with the Gauss Friends on October 28th, 2018 ABOUT PHEIDIPPIDES, MESSAGES AND THE SPIRIT OF SPORT At about 4 °C, five sports-loving Gauss-Friends met on Sunday morning to take part in the 17th edition of “Braunschweiger Lauftage” (engl. Braunschweig Running Days) together with about 1,700 runners. The international team:[…]

Gauss-Telegraph: An international breakfast as a framework for encounters

An international breakfast as a framework for encounters International pot-luck breakfast on Oct. 14th 2018 After the nearly two-week orientation and introductory program “First-Steps”, the regular university life can start on Monday. Thanks, to all the regular and newly arrived Gauss Friends for the great support, the possibility of many new impressions and nice encounters![…]

Gauss-Telegraph: An intercultural exploration of the city quarter

Gauss-Telegraph: An intercultural exploration of the city quarter Magni-Tour on October 5th, 2018 On the fifth day of Gauss Friends’ “First Steps” (05.10.18), around 45 curious and interested, international students gathered on the Schlossplatz with blue skies, golden light and warm autumn air. Distances quickly disappear, the atmosphere is jolly, group talks and the first[…]

Gauss-Telegraph: 10 years Gauss Friends

Gauss-Telegraph: Short film “10 years Gauss Friends” – 10 years of enthusiasm for intercultural encounters In cooperation with the student Takashi Kunimoto (HBK Braunschweig) a film was created which gives manifold insights into the work of the association “Internationaler Kreis der Carl-Friedrich-Gauss Freunde e.V., in short Gauss Friends. Kunimoto accompanied the activities of the Gauss[…]

Gauss-Telegraph: Study groups and student associations

Gauss-Telegraph: Study groups and student associations (ger.: Fachgruppen and Fachschaften) “Fachgruppen and Fachschaften” The Gauss Friends recommend you to take advantage of the offers of the “Fachgruppenräte and Fachschaftsräte”. But what is that anyway? What happens there? Below we would like to briefly explain the committees and their tasks: What is a “Fachgruppen-/ or Fachschaftsrat“?[…]

Gauss-Telegraph: Radio-Interview with Younouss Wadjinny

Welcoming culture at the university: Radio interview with Younouss Wadjinny, Gauss Friends On August 6th 2018 Deutschlandfunk Campus & Career On August 6th 2018, the Gauss Friends could be heard on Deutschlandfunk. Younouss Wadjinny, representing the Gauss-Haus, gave an interview on the topic “Welcoming culture at the university”. Younouss described in the program “20 Topics[…]

Gauss-Telegraph: First-Steps with Gauss Friends

Do your first steps with the Gauss Friends! In addition to the actual Buddy Program of the Gauss Friends of the TU Braunschweig, the First Steps are designed as a two-week program for orientation and information for international students. Anyone who wants to become internationally active and meet new people can, of course, take part.[…]