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The Gauss Friends are now available as an app for your phone so that you can always take it with you!

Gauss Buddy Program

We offer the Gauss Buddy Program to help new international students in all matters relating to university life as well as living in Braunschweig.

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Become a member! We are looking for motivated, international, cosmopolitan people who want to be part of Gauss Friends.

About us

Internationaler Kreis der Carl Friedrich Gauß Freunde e.V

Who is Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss?
The Braunschweig-born mathematician and linguistic genius who made an enormous contribution to the development of science. For us, Gauss is a symbol of internationality and cultural unification.

Who are we
* An international team inspired by the person of Gauss.
* Our team was founded in 2008 and since then we offer the space for creativity and self-development for the international society of Braunschweig.
* Our meeting place is Gauss Haus at Güldenstr. 8.

Our purpose
We want to connect people from different countries and provide integration assistance for international people.

Our values
Cultural diversity / Internationality
Intercultural exchange
Mutual support

Your team

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Younouss Wadjinny

Founding member
Name: Younouss Wadjinny
Country: Morocco
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Andrés Muñoz

Project manager
Name: Andrés Muñoz
Country: Mexico
Tasks: Coordination, Gauss Buddy program, Gauss Haus Organization, Website and Facebook, excursions
Hobbies: Learning new languages, traveling and cooking
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Linbin Li

VP & Data Protection Commissioner
Name: Linbin Li
Country: China
Tasks: Gauss Haus Organization, excursions, photography
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Hussain Nauman

Name: Hussain Nauman
Country: Pakistan
Tasks: Tech-Lord
Hobbies: Traveling and experiencing new cultures
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Jeannette Hermanns

Women’s representative and Equal opportunity commissioner
Name: Jeannette Hermanns
Country: Germany
Hobbies: Board games, food, traveling, swimming
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Roland Sivonen

Statutory Auditor
Name: Roland Sivonen
Country: Finland
Hobbies: Railways, traveling, gaming
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Denis Sotomayor

Dance trainer
Name: Denis Sotomayor
Country: Peru / Russia
Hobbies: Salsa dancing, drone assembling, studying
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Fabian Kubannek

Honorary member
Name: Fabian Kubannek
Country: Germany
Hobbies: Chess, cooking, traveling
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Rohit Patel

Honorary member
Name: Rohit Patel
Country: India
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Sarra Torjemane

Honorary member
Name: Sarra Torjemane
Country: Tunisia


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