Values and House rules

  1. We do not tolerate any kind of violent, racist or inhumane behavior. 
  2. We are all a big family. This includes people from other countries and with different views and ways of life. Let’s respect each other.
  3. Insulting statements – especially with regard to sexual orientation, disabilities, skin color, gender, ethnicity, language, or religion – are not tolerated neither at the Gauss Haus nor at excursions or any other events organized by the Gauss Friends outside the Gauss Haus.
  4. We stand up for our values. All guest and members are expected to behave as role models for others. If we hear discriminating or insulting words, we ask the other person to stop.
  5. When discussing – especially about political topics – we do not get emotional and avoid saying things that may hurt other peoples feelings.
  6. We do not want any conflicts to follow the presentations Tuesday evening. Please do not argue for one point of view if other people might be hurt by this.
  7. As Gauss Friends we foster intercultural exchange, tolerance, and peaceful interactions between people. Anyone who acts against these principles by verbal expression or action in public can be excluded from participating in the events of the organization by the board.