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BuddyThe “buddy program” is about fully supporting our international students at the beginning of the semester. From helping them filling out important forms up to the orientation around campus, thanks to the buddy program, the students are able to get acquainted to their new life in Brunswick. Therefor stands the motto “Friendship worldwide”, as Gauß formerly exemplified it through his interest in foreign languages and cultures. Thereby, the international students will be given the opportunity alongside the first orientation, to meet and interact with other students. In this way, the first adventures and impressions will be experienced with each other, which could lead to new friendships. This will, in a certain way, allow the cultural exchange between the students – right at the beginning, everything seems new and uncommon. At the same time, the buddy program tries – through language tandems for instance – to create a win-win situation for the participants and allow them to learn a new language in a joyful way. Cultural exchange and thereby cultural variety originate from this program. Not only are they a benefit to the city, but they revive it too, as did the citizens recognize it, which emphasizes the high participation in this program, supporting by now 300 students each year.

Your “Gauß Buddy” (peer student) knows Braunschweig and the university and will:

  • pick you up from the train station and accompany you to your accommodation
  • assist you with the first steps in Braunschweig  (opening a bank account, get health insurance (or waiver*), go to the Registration Office…)
  • assist you with all initial difficulties you may face.

Join us !

Here you will find the binding registration forms to the Buddy program:

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*Waiver applicable for certain countries