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The international team of Gauss Friends was founded in the year 2008 and was characterized at first by students’ passion for mathematics and enthusiasm for Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß. But soon a new interpretation of the person Gauß took place: as a symbol of sciences, not only as a mathematician, but also as a language genie; Gauß represents the cultural union of science.

Hereby, the international students, the networking of international guests and citizens of Braunschweig can be understood as guests of Gauß, since he as “host for research” unifies all of them.

At the same time, the Gauss Friends are characterized by a common central idea, which will be linked together by the host “Gauß”.

Through the represented cultural diversity of Gauss friends, a reciprocal effect can be created from the thereby originated inter-cultural competences, for example by the different languages and cultures. This develops an open-mindedness towards foreign cultures in a friendly atmosphere.

Therefore, different international country-evenings, theatre plays and language courses organized regularly by Gauss friends, help form a bridge between culture and science. For that matter our motto is: “We don’t have to understand everything, but together we have fun and learn from each other; for example a simple theatre play could be played in eleven different languages”


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