Covid-19 Information

According to the Federal Infection Control Act, the figures of the Robert Koch Institute are decisive for determining whether a municipality falls under the regulations according to the Federal Emergency Brake or under the state regulation. The numbers in the dashboard are generated directly from the Robert Koch Institute’s web pages. Gauss Friends has no influence on the timeliness of the data or its accuracy.


Protection and hygiene concept for Gauss Friends activities

  1. Face masks
    • All visitors must wear a medical or FFP2-like mask (e.g. KN95, KF94, N95…) when entering and leaving the Gauss Haus.
    • The face mask may be removed as long as you are sitting in one place.
  2. Hand hygiene: provision of dispensers with disinfectants for hand disinfection in the entrance area.
  3. Control and regulation of visitor traffic
    • Contact data collection according to § 5 of the Corona Regulation in electronic form or in individual cases in paper form and check for plausibility in case of reasonable doubt by requesting the presentation of an identity card.
    • Admission only with a complete Covid-19 vaccination or proof of recovery (positive PCR test, min. 28 days and max. 6 months old) AND a current negative Covid test result or booster vaccination.. The maximum number of people in Gauss Haus is based on the warning levels of the state government.
  4. Hygiene measures for the Info-Point
    • Limitation of the number of persons to a maximum of three persons in the Info-Point area (e.g. 1 consultant + two advice seekers or 2 consultants + 1 advice seeker).
    • Provision of dispensers with disinfectants for hand disinfection at the table. Regular ventilation and disinfection of the Info-Point.
  5. Other measures
    • Ventilation of the premises.
    • Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects that are frequently touched by people.
    • Limit simultaneous toilet use to one person per toilet.