Inspired by the scientific achievements of Gauß, as well as his personality, Gauss house is a meeting point for international encounters, which all share the same passion. People from all over the world connect in the process a transboundary commonality, namely the enthusiasm for science and the distinguished Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß, whose achievements reach out far from the abstract sciences. Gauss house represents the social implementation of the intercultural exchange.


GaußGauss house offers a creative atmosphere of culture and science, which interconnects people and enables the intercultural exchange through diverse activities like theater, drawing or music. A mutual international understanding is achieved by this diversity of cultures, so that foreign cultures can be gotten to know in an authentic way. On the basis of Gauß, the Gauß house wants to strongly integrate this intercultural exchange, which finds its expression through different events. Which place would be better suitable for it than the birthplace of Gauß? Likewise, the closeness to the university and the encounters of different languages in Gauss house speak for an intelectual exchange in terms of Gauss and link students of TU Braunschweig with each other.