International tearoom

In the heart of Gauss Haus, situated between the presentation room and the creativity basement, one can find the international tearoom. Tables and bar stool facilitate a conducive environment to enjoy different international beverages, for example: Moroccan or rather North-African tea, Mate from Argentina, Colombian coffee, Chai from the Indian subcontinent, Chinese green-tea and East Frisian black tea; other sorts are in planning. Our international motto applies here accurately as well: “Friends from all over the world”. Considering the different cultural influences and letting people experience them – certainly includes the respective beverage which a culture has to offer.

Hence the international tearoom is not only the weekly meeting point for the Gauss Buddy Program but also a polyglot’s hangout for English, Spanish, French, Arabic etc. Thereby the integration of new international students and researchers lie in foreground and at the same time inter-cultural competences is also promoted. The international tearoom is consequently the central meeting point of the Gauss Friends!