Health tips by Barmer: Keep the holiday feeling going

Health tips by Barmer: Keep the holiday feeling going

The run-up to a holiday is usually a particularly stressful time, and when our holiday finally starts, we sometimes need a long time to really wind down. And when we go back to work? Our feeling of rest and relaxation disappears far too quickly. Of course, we can’t make your holiday last any longer, but we do have some helpful tips for before, during and after your holiday to help you keep the relaxed holiday feeling going as long as possible.

Before your holiday

The last few days before your holiday are often stressful and full of things to do: finishing projects, handing over tasks, packing. To get into holiday mode faster, try these tips:

  1. We know in advance when our holiday will begin, so hand over tasks to colleagues early on and try not to set deadlines close to your holiday.
  2. It’s tempting to want to get a lot done before you leave. Set realistic goals that you can meet without stress. You can’t and don’t have to finish everything!
  3. Make a note of the current status of work in all your projects. Then, when you return, you’ll know straight away where you left off – and can keep your head clear until then.

On holiday

To really switch off on holiday, take time for things you usually don’t have time for – whether it’s reading in a hammock or sweat-inducing mountain bike rides: everyone relaxes in their own way. But really winding down is often not that easy. Or is it?

  1. Try out new things. How about surfing, bird watching or Tai Chi? Taking on new challenges is a great way to clear your head and discover new worlds.
  2. Every evening, make a note of what you found most fun or relaxing that day. Then you will remember this better later and perhaps be able to continue one or two activities afterwards.
  3. Expecting too much from your long-awaited annual holiday can lead to disappointment. Instead, every day think about what specific things you’re looking forward to in your free time.

After your holiday

When you get back to work, there’s usually a mountain of jobs waiting for you: unanswered e-mails, pending tasks, urgent deadlines. Instead of returning to the workplace with a relaxed mindset, we set about trying to work through everything hectically. Our refreshed holiday feeling is soon gone. How can we hold on to this a little while longer in our everyday working lives?

  1. Don’t check your e-mails the night before. Enjoy your holiday until your first day back at work and keep the last evening of your holiday free.
  2. Treat yourself to a short week: return to work on a Wednesday or Thursday instead of a Monday.
  3. Cheese, biscuits, spread: take the tastes from wherever you went on holiday with you to work in your lunchbox. This will immediately bring back memories of your free time – and sweeten your return to day-to-day life.