Gauss Buddy Program – New in Braunschweig

Who can participate in the Gauss Buddy Program?

  • As Gauss buddies: For Braunschweig residents.
  • As international students: Newcomers who are looking for individual support.

As a newcomer or exchange student in Braunschweig, you will inevitably face questions like “Which formalities do I have to use for which formal events?”, “How can I find an apartment?”, “Where is the nearest supermarket?”.

We therefore offer the Gauss Buddy Program to help new international students in all matters relating to university life as well as living in Braunschweig. Experienced students from higher semesters are there to help you to overcome your hurdles and to find your way around quickly.

I’m an international student and I’m interested in…

  • You are looking for support in answering your questions and topics related to everyday life?

Your Gauss buddy can theoretically answer your questions about the important tasks and organizational administrative know-hows at the beginning of your stay in Braunschweig, such as finding an accommodation, registering at public authorities or getting health insurance.

  • You have time and desire to exchange culturally with local and other international students?

The start to your studies and life in Braunschweig is not as easy. Through participation in the Gauss Buddy Program you can get to know other local or international students. Thereby intercultural communication should be made possible.

When and how can I register?

You can register online at any time. After your registration we will try to assign a Gauss buddy for you as soon as possible. After that you will receive a welcome email from us and your buddy(s).

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