Gauss Friends App

Gauss Friends App

The Gauss Friends are now available as an app for your phone so that you can always take it with you!

For over twelve years, the Gauss Friends have been helping international students from before they arrive at the train station until they graduate and even beyond. As a meeting place for German and international students, the Gauss Haus has become many students’ second home and favourite place in Braunschweig. Intercultural events take place here and many new friendships are formed.

The free Gauss Friends App (available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store) is your perfect companion for studying in Braunschweig. No matter if you just arrived in Braunschweig or if you already live in the city and have known the Gauss Friends for a long time.


Get to know the Gauss Friends and their activities: What is the Info-Point for and what happens every Tuesday at the Gauss Haus? The app introduces the international dance class, the cooking workshop, the weekly presentations and many more.


How can I finance my studies? What is a blocked account? Where is the immigration office? Do I have to pay the broadcasting fee? Can I be exempted from compulsory health insurance? And how do you actually separate garbage in Germany? Find answers to all your questions in the FAQs and get help with any problems you may encounter. If you still have other questions, you can easily contact us using the contact form.


You are new to the city and don’t know where your faculty´s office, the Gauss Haus or the university library is? With the help of the interactive map you can get to know the city and the university better and discover new exciting places even if you have been living in Braunschweig for a long time!


In the calendar you will find all upcoming events of the Gauss Friends conveniently summarized. This way, you are always up to date and never miss an event!


Who are the Gauss Friends and which organizations work together with the Gauss Friends? In this app you can get to know various associations and projects for international students in Braunschweig, and if you are interested you will be redirected directly to their website.

So download the app quickly:

You can trust the many years of experience of this student initiative, which facilitates the entry into studies and the start in Braunschweig for countless students every semester with its Buddy Program and which was awarded the prize of the German Foreign Office for excellent support of foreign students in 2019!





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