The largest and the fastest: Internationality wins!

The largest and the fastest: Internationality wins!

The team of the Gauss Friends seized the first place at the 11th Campus run of the TU Braunschweig on April 22nd! They went to the start position with the largest participating team consisting of 18 nations.

Under the motto “Running for a cosmopolitan society”, the runners from Croatia, Spain, Brazil, China, France, Hungary, India, Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan, Morocco, Tunisia, Poland, Lebanon, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, USA and Germany headed for the start and won the team race as well as the prize for the largest team – for this reason there are two cups this year. Congratulations to Ivana, Maria, Henrique, Li, Nadja, Joe, Adam, Mai, Iván, Sonia, Hassan, Mustapha, Blanca, Joel, Silvia, Sandeep, Siddharth, Maté, Félix, Jordan, Elvire, Younouss, Sebastian, Eric, Jeanette and Jana.

The Gauss Friends, in cooperation with the department for international students of the student council, thank you for your participation, a wonderful symbol for solidarity and openness was set!

In the future, this applies too: A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body. Whoever has interest in going running regularly: every Sunday from 9 to 11 am, the sport group meets at the sports’ center of the TU Braunschweig on the Beethovenstr. 16. Join us!

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