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Gauss Friends: Trip to the Observatory Hondelage

When is the best time to watch the stars? Clear skies and air, no low-pressure area, weekend … and no upcoming birthday parties!

These are the perfect conditions for aspiring hobby star observers. On Tuesday, 2018/7/24, 33 Gauss Friends from 19 nations went from the Gauss Haus to the observatory to visit the Sternfreunden Braunschweig-Hondelage e.V.. Since 1982 fans of astronomy meet regularly to observe the celestial bodies. Besides Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, various other star constellations were visible. Together the beautiful summer evening was enjoyed with a stunning view of the night sky.

Tip: This year’s astronomical highlight takes place on Friday, 2018/7/27 at 7:24 pm: After 2015 central Europe will again face a lunar eclipse. The observatory can not offer a clear view to south-east due to constructional issues. For that reason the Sternfreunde will meet at 7 pm at the observation station in 38165 Wendhausen (at the old train station), to observe the lunar eclipse and to photograph it. Everyone interested in astronomy is welcomed!


Sternfreunde Braunschweig-Hondelage e.V.


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