Gauss-Telegraph: Summer program

Lecture period for this semester is over and for some, this mainly means exam stress but that should not stop you from staying true to the Gauss Friends and participating in the summer events. Because the most important thing during learning are the breaks, so take a break for a change and visit us in the Gauss House!

Summer Festival Haus der Kulturen, 18.08 2:00 pm (Am Nordbahnhof 1)

We start with the group visit to the summer festival in Haus der Kulturen (about five minutes walk from the main campus). Haus der Kulturen is a meeting place in Braunschweig with an intercultural approach. It has big hall and a garden in the backyard where various events take place around the year. Just like every other year, this year, the summer party will be organised. There is an intercultural program with music and food. Participation is free.

Magnifest with Gauss Friends, 31.08 6:00 pm, meeting point Schloss (Platz am Ritterbrunnen 1, main entrance

The Magni Fest is a small city festival in the Magniviertel (downtown behind Galeria Kaufhof). The program includes many bands of different genres. In addition, there are various food stalls where you can buy something to eat or drink. Some small artisans would also be showcased there.

Night tour through Braunschweig, 04.09 22:00 pm, meeting point Gauss House

A night walk is always a good idea to see the city from a different perspective. Doing a short walk is always good, if you have spent the whole day at the desk. The route is flexible and you can easily move through the night atmosphere.

Okercabana with Gauss Friends, 11.09 8:00 pm, meeting point Gauss House

The Okercabana is an artificial beach facility in Bürgerpark (south of the town). There is plenty of room to snuggle up in the sand in one of the folding chairs. The bar serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as snacks at moderate prices. The special feature is that you can rent canoes in the Okercabana and soak in some sun while sailing on the Oker. Stand up paddling can also be done in Okercabana.

Harz hiking tour: 22.09 09:00 am at the main railway station Braunschweig

The Harz is the nearby mountain range outside of Braunschweig. With the semester ticket one can travel (and free!) by bus and train directly in the Harz region quite easily, from where the hike with the Gauss Friends will begin. The highest point is Brocken at 1141 meters, which incidentally is also the highest peak in northern Germany. The trails are well signed and no special equipment is needed. Only requirement are good footwear and enough drinking water. The meeting point for the Harz hike is at the Brunschweig railway station at 09:00 am.