Gauss-Telegraph: The last summer days by the lake

The last summer days by the lake


If you want to cool down outdoors in Brunswick in the last warm days this summer and do not want to travel far away to see a beach, then you can visit the Heidberg Lake. It is located in the Heidberg Park in the Heidberg district. The Heidberg lake is a two parted lake made out of a former gravel pit filled with water and covers an area of 15 ha, while having a depth of 20,4 meters. At some areas you are allowed to swim, especially at the artificial beach. Keep in mind though that you swim on your own risk due to swirls that can emerge suddenly. At some areas you must not swim, because it is an area falling under nature conservancy.

Located at the shore of the beach are a Volleyball pitch and some spaces to grill. The highlight though is a rope at the northern part of the lake from which you can let you fall into the water. But keep in mind: The only ways to access the rope are either by swimming through the lake or by walking a path into a zone regularly visited by nudist.

In Winter you cannot swim here, except you want to swim in freezing water and harden yourself, but you can take long strolls in the nature.

You can reach the Heidberg Lake by taking the tram 2 down south.