Gauss-Telegraph: Study groups and student associations

Gauss-Telegraph: Study groups and student associations

(ger.: Fachgruppen and Fachschaften)

“Fachgruppen and Fachschaften”

The Gauss Friends recommend you to take advantage of the offers of the “Fachgruppenräte and Fachschaftsräte”. But what is that anyway? What happens there?

Below we would like to briefly explain the committees and their tasks:

What is a “Fachgruppen-/ or Fachschaftsrat“?

Each student of TU Braunschweig, probably you too, study a subject that belongs to one of the six faculties. All students of the faculty form a “Fachschaft” (engl. student association) whereas all students of a particular subject form a “Fachgruppe” (engl. study group). In each of these specialist groups and student councils there is a committee, the “Fachgruppenrat” or the “Fachschaftsrat” (engl. Council of student representatives). Its members are elected each year by the respective associated student body.

What are the tasks of a Fachgruppen- or Fachschaftsrat?

The tasks are simply to work for the interests of students, e.g. by passing criticism to the relevant bodies. The goal is to steadily improve the studying conditions for all. In addition, the committed persons within the councils are contact persons for any questions and problems concerning your studies and possibly also beyond. Some “Fachgruppe” organize small events such as a barbecue or picnic. In addition, some have created platforms to exchange information on previous exams.

Find out about the offers by “Fachgruppen und Fachschaftsräte” – they can help in many things during your studies: help make new contacts, exchange information on studying and thereby improving your condition at the University.

If you do not know yet what your “Fachgruppe or Fachschaft” is, then look under the following link.