Gauss Tips

Here they are: Your weekly fresh Gauss Tips for Feb. 19th – 26th

Braunschweig, finissage of the exhibition “Lost Places” – February 22nd, 5 – 8pm

The photo exhibition “lost places” by Olaf Ziegler in the Kulturcafé MokkaBär ends on Saturday. If you want to see the beautifully presented pictures one last time and possibly even want to buy one, you are cordially invited! More information about the event here.

Braunschweig, “Schoduvel” 42nd carnival parade – February 23rd, from 12:40 p.m.

This year’s motto is: “Braunschweig – cosmopolitan and international, just like our carnival!”
After the splendid meetings of the carnival societies, the Braunschweig carnival fans are sure that this year, once again, at least 250,000 spectators will experience the »Schoduvel«, the Braunschweig carnival procession, in the city center of Braunschweig on Sunday.
It starts at 12:40 p.m. at Europaplatz. The long parade will meander through the streets for four hours, throwing tons of chocolate and many other sweets as well as soft toys, balls and children’s toys into the merry crowd. Everyone can dress up (voluntarily) and stand on the track. Admission is free, further information is available here.

Everyone is also welcome to experience the event with the Gauss friends! You can find more information here.

 Braunschweig, exhibition: A new train station – 60 years Braunschweig main station – until 29.02.

There is currently an exhibition in the city library of Braunschweig on the following subject: A new central station for Braunschweig – this idea arose just a few years after the opening of the first terminal station of the Braunschweigische Staatsbahn in 1838.
Ultimately, it took more than 100 years for a new station to become a reality on the site of the former Ostbahnhof on the outskirts of the city in 1960. Far-reaching and sometimes radical changes in the development and road layout in the south-east of Braunschweig had been preceded in a district less affected by the bombing war.
The Braunschweig Railway Archive Foundation shows photographic snapshots from the extensive construction work to the departure of the first trains. Further information on the event can be found here.

There will also be an accompanying event on February 26 from 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. with explanations and additional photos of the exhibition (more information here) Admission is free.