Gauss Tips

Here they are: The fresh weekly Gauss tips from November 24th to December 8th, 2020

Online art: Michael Wiegand | a colorful evening – 26.11.2020, 19:00

On 26.11. an online edition of Stage38 in cooperation with SnaleTV will take place. Stage38 is the virtual stage for artists of the region: for bands, authors, actors, dancers and many more. Guest is Michael Wiegand. The artist, who was born in Lerbach in the Harz Mountains and has lived in Wolfenbüttel since 1988, presents his artistic works on the virtual stage. A colorful evening with exciting stories, interesting works and photographs is expected, during which short stories can be listened to, Wiegand’s works of art can be analyzed and one can feel abducted to Paris.

The entrance is free, the link to the livestream can be found here.

Online reading: 125 years of Eintracht Braunschweig – book presentation with Horst Bläsig and Dennis Kruppke – 26.11.2020, 20:15

The traditional Braunschweig club Eintracht Braunschweig is 125 years old – a proud anniversary for a club that has made a strong contribution to German soccer history since its foundation. Many highlights, such as the German championship in 1967, legendary European Cup matches and derby victories, as well as the emotional return to the Bundesliga in 2013, have immersed Braunschweig in blue and yellow jubilation. Eintracht has always been more than just a sports club. It has always been and still is closely connected to the lion city and the many fans throughout the region.

Horst Bläsig and Dennis Kruppke will present the anniversary chronicle on this evening. It is a journey into the heart of Eintracht. The event will be broadcast live on Facebook and is free to watch.

Online reading: Four times is better … together – 02.12.2020, 19:00 clock

Especially in these times we all think about it: What exactly is cohesion? How does it feel, how does it express itself, where is it, where is it not? And above all: How can we better stick together?
How nice it would be if we could simply buy solidarity in the store. Special offer, only for a short time. We would simply have to take it. But unfortunately, cohesion is exactly the opposite of tangible. Four courageous authors try their luck – they get closer to it, literarily, according to the motto: Four times better … holds together.

The event will be broadcast as a free livestream. Further information and the link to the Livestream are published here.