Gauss-Telegraph: How to… Avoid stress?

Gauss-Telegraph: How to… Avoid stress?

by Medi Mnaouar

According to a study from 2018, a quarter of students in Germany feel severly stressed. In the meantime, the Covid crisis has occurred and additionally increases the level of stress among students. In addition to the stress caused by exams, new problems are emerging. Many students have problems with online studies which creates a new source of stress. In this article we will present some tips for stress prevention.

Breathe consciously

Isolate yourself for a few minutes. Start with a deep breath through the nose (5 seconds). Then exhale for the same time (5 seconds). Repeat this for two to three minutes.

Think positively

Positivity is a virtuous circle. Learn to think positively and don’t give space to negativity. The more positive you feed your mind with, the more positivity you attract. Consequently, you end up with a more positive attitude.

Keep your distance

Keep your distance when you experience someone else’s frustration – this is not about you! Because of the situation, everyone is simply over-stimulated.

Understand others

Change your perspective. What would you feel if you put yourself in the situation of your counterpart? This helps you to perceive reactions of other people differently.

Stay fit

Physical exercise eliminates many toxins and lowers the adrenaline level that is released in stressful situations. Thus, a good physical condition also helps to minimize the effects of stress. I like to do sports after an exhausting day. When the weather is nice, I go running, and when it is cold outside, I like to do 20 minutes of yoga, followed by a few minutes of meditation. Afterwards I usually feel relieved and more comfortable.


* This article was written with health tips by Barmer.