Gauss-Advent Calendar: Announcement

Gauss-Advent Calendar: Announcement

by Alexandra

Announcement: Advent Calendar

Magnificent fir trees and numerous fairy lights decorate the city, in the evening arches of lights flicker in the windows and the smell of freshly baked cookies is in the air. The Christmas season has begun. Even if the pandemic interrupts many traditions this year, such as the Christmas markets, there are still many traditions that make the Advent season more pleasant. Among these traditions are the Advent calendars.

Advent calendars in the course of time

Since the 19th century the Advent calendar has been part of Christian traditions. It has its seeds in Germany in the form of 24 pictures on the wall. Since 1958, the chocolate filled version has been available. The calendar, known to most people, starts on December 1st and has 24 wickets. Hence, it ends with Christmas Eve. In fact, there are also Advent calendars that begin with the first Advent and have more or fewer wickets, depending on the beginning of the Advent season. For those who celebrate Christmas, the Advent calendar has certainly sweetened the month while waiting for Christmas since childhood. In the past, only the traditional chocolate calendar was available. Today however, Advent calendars exist in many variations by various brands. Some of them might cost up to several hundred euros. 

Gauss Advent Calendar

This year we would like to sweeten the Christmas season for you as well – with daily blog posts around Christmas, in which we provide you with background information, introduce traditions from different countries and suggest recipes from all over the world. In addition, we would like to create a comprehensive picture of Christmas – and we would like to do this together with you, so that we can get as many impressions of Christmas as possible from all over the world. 

Share your experiences with us!

Ever since I can remember, I had an Advent calendar – sometimes a simple chocolate calendar, sometimes a self-filled one from my mother. The Advent calendar is a Christmas tradition for me. Last year, I have spent Ramadan in Jordan, and I was surprised seeing such a calendar on television. A well-known Italian confectionery manufacturer advertised a Ramadan calendar. However, I actually only saw it in the advertisement, but I have never seen it at anyone’s home. In my circle of friends in Jordan this calendar is not known either. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see that, and I am wondering:

How about you? Have you gotten an advent calendar this year? Or do you have a similar calendar for another festival in your culture? Share your experiences with us and write it in the comments below our Instagram post! We are looking forward to your input! 

Have a great Christmastime and stay healthy!