Gauss-Telegraph: Call for attendance in the extraordinary senate meeting on 8.02.2021

Gauss-Telegraph: Call for attendance in the extraordinary senate meeting on 8.02.2021

The implementation of digital exams has been a hot topic at the university since last week. Given that the Corona traffic light for classroom teaching switched to red on 30-Jan-2021, exams are being transformed into a digital format. However, it seems like professors and institutes either do not want to offer an exam (e.g. Thermodynamics), massively miscalculate the degree of difficulty (or even announce a higher degree of difficulty) or otherwise cause problems!

Therefore, the AStA made a list of requests to the executive committee to avoid any disadvantages for students:

  1. A failed exam should not be counted towards the number of available attempts! 
  2. Request number 1 will be retroactive to 01.01.2021!
  3. Students who have already withdrawn from an examination shall be given the opportunity to retract their withdrawal up to one week after the announcement of the free attempt regulation. 
  4. A non-attendance or abandonment of an examination that has been started (incl. non-submission) is recognized as a proper withdrawal.
  5. The reports of the examination boards, including the previous and the new examination, are to be made available to the university public in order to enable the student body to review them in case of possible violations of the Corona Statutes §3 (2).

Fortunately, the call of the student body was heard and there will be a special senate meeting tomorrow at 5:00 pm to discuss a free attempt regulation.

We, as Gauss Friends, support the requests made by the AStA, and we also call all students to log on the senate meeting and support your student representatives with your attendance.

Link to the meeting (Login with your y-number required)

Together, we are stronger!