Gauss Tips

Here they are: The fresh weekly Gauss tips from March 24th to April 6th, 2021

Online theatre: Staatstheater Braunschweig – starting now

The Staatstheater Braunschweig is using the pandemic as an opportunity to move its stage to the World Wide Web. The performances, some of which were developed for last year, some for this year, will be shown online free of charge and will include theatre, concerts, dance and much more.

The streams are accompanied by supporting programs such as digital excerpts of the program booklets, introductions, post-show discussions or virtual premiere celebrations; the dates for these can be found at the respective productions.

All offers are free of charge, but donations to the Theatre are possible. The streams can be accessed from the announced date by clicking on the preview image on the Braunschweig Staatstheater website.

Online Future Festival – Foresight Festival N°5 – March 30th 2021, full day

The Foresight Festival has been in existence since 2015 and is the first of its kind: not a science fiction festival, but a science vision festival under the motto “Science meets Vision.” Because the meeting of science and vision is extremely fruitful, a lot comes together here and nothing comes up short: eye candy, excitement and entertainment as well as exciting conversations, debates and encounters. The contributions that result in the form of films, objects, installations, texts and creative realizations of all kinds face judgement in front of a large audience and could not be more unseen. They are about the future, about breathtaking technological progress and social change, about their interactions and the opportunities and risks that arise from them. Their authors are people who want to know new things: Researchers, journalists, artists, filmmakers and all others who do not leave the future to chance. They meet at the intersections of science and society and extrapolate from what is feasible today what will be possible tomorrow: How can we, how do we want to, how will we live?

The Foresight Festival N°5 takes place under the theme “Values.Change”. Polarisation or pluralism? Nationalism or sustainability? Where is society heading and what does our values compass say?

Admission is free, registration is required for some of the events. Click here to stream.

Online Concert – Silent Film Concerts with Stephan Graf von Bothmer – permanently available

Already during the first lockdown, Stephan von Bothmer brought art and entertainment into homes with elaborately staged live concerts. Now he continues with entertaining silent film concerts.

The piano player’s compositions tell stories in which listeners can find themselves with their ups, downs, joys and melancholy. The concerts will again be streamed live and can then be accessed on the artist’s Youtube channel. In contrast to many living room concerts, Stephan von Bothmer’s broadcasts are characterised by a high technical effort with lighting, fog, camera and sound technology. The new event series shows silent films by renowned directors with background music.

The concerts can be streamed live and free of charge on Youtube and can also be watched afterwards.