Speech by the Federal Foreign Office about Gauss Haus

Speech by the Federal Foreign Office about Gauss Haus

“I am now very pleased to present this year’s Foreign Office Award for excellent international student support services at German universities to the Gauss Haus in Braunschweig.


The Gauss Haus is a student initiative that was founded in 2008. The close cooperation with TU Braunschweig, the Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen and other partners has not only succeeded in creating a special house, an outstanding meeting place for the integration of international students, but rather to enable for all phases of study, a diverse, regular, and adapted to the various needs information culture and contact offers.

In this initiative, above all, I would like to emphasize here the very good networking of the actors involved, but also the conscious strengthening of self-empowerment and self-organization through the cooperation of the international students in the Gauss Haus Council. This is how special encounters are created and only through partnership, networking and meeting at eye level can integration come about.”

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