Gauss and foreign languages

Gauss and foreign languages

Date(s) - 28/05/2019
7:15 pm - 7:30 pm




Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss – When one hears this name, he/she immediately thinks of the innumerable mathematical merits that have been discovered by him, which represent today’s foundation of mathematics: Whether it is the Gaussian normal distribution, the Gaussian quadrature or the Gaussian integral theorem – one encounters him in numerous formulas and methods of mathematics which are still very much valid today.

Apart from mathematics, Gauss was also interested in other disciplines such as physics, astronomy and geodesy, and particularly very committed and interested in the field of philology. In addition, Gauss spoke fluent English and French, had a good hold on the literary languages from the antiquity and could speak in many modern European languages (Spanish, Italian, Danish, and Swedish). He also engaged himself with Russian literature as he grew older and used his international contacts to develop an even better understanding of the languages and always tried to read books in its original native language, as written by the author.

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