Gauss-Telegraph: 10 years Gauss Friends

Gauss-Telegraph: Short film “10 years Gauss Friends” – 10 years of enthusiasm for intercultural encounters

In cooperation with the student Takashi Kunimoto (HBK Braunschweig) a film was created which gives manifold insights into the work of the association “Internationaler Kreis der Carl-Friedrich-Gauss Freunde e.V., in short Gauss Friends. Kunimoto accompanied the activities of the Gauss Friends over a period of one year and shows how the enthusiasm for Carl-Friedrich Gauss as a “mediator between culture and science” became the cornerstone for a ten-year commitment of many active members. The meeting point in the “Gauss Haus” established itself as an open, intercultural meeting place in Braunschweig, which unites the cultural diversity under one roof with the symbolic host Gauss.

The premiere took place during the 15th festival contre le racisme in Braunschweig – the preliminary version can be found here.


„10 Jahre Gauss Friends“ – 10 Jahre Begeisterung für interkulturelle Begegnung from Takashi Kunimoto.