Here they are: Your weekly fresh Gauss-Tips for 9/26/-10/03/


Local artist present their work for free at an old factory building. The Musikschöpfungen are a monthly event in which artist perform only their original work. It starts on Friday at 8pm at the Hamburger Straße 273. More information here.


On 9/29/ long time James Bond fan and leading expert Danny Morgenstern presents the 10th anniversary of “Quantum of Solace”, the follow-up to 2006’s “Casino Royale” at the C1 cinema. Morgenstern will talk about interesting background details about James Bond and the film and will host Dietmar Wunder, the German voice of Daniel Craig. Of course, the movie will be shown, too. The evening starts at 7pm. Tickets are available now. More information here.


Normally, the shops are closed on Sundays, except for some bars, but this Sunday most of the shops will be opened from 1 to 6 pm. Also, the city will be full of interesting booths in which you can try out new and bizarre types of sports. More information here.