Gauss-Telegraph: An international breakfast as a framework for encounters

An international breakfast as a framework for encounters

International pot-luck breakfast on Oct. 14th 2018

After the nearly two-week orientation and introductory program “First-Steps”, the regular university life can start on Monday. Thanks, to all the regular and newly arrived Gauss Friends for the great support, the possibility of many new impressions and nice encounters!

How could you end these first exciting weeks more beautifully than with a pot-luck international breakfast brunch?

Breakfast, as a first morning meal, is a cross-cultural phenomenon designed to provide energy for the day. However, quite different breakfast cultures have evolved around the globe, so that they often differ considerably in terms of their time, extent, duration and rituals. While a sweet breakfast is largely unknown in African and Asian cultures, marmalade, sweet crêpes, brioches and biscuits are almost certainly part of the first daily meal in many European cultures.

On this Sunday morning, many different breakfast cultures and rituals came together in the rustic premises of the Gauss Haus. Warm and/or cold, sweet and/or salty!

Little by little the Gauss Friends entered the room through the big door and each one carrying another delicacy in his/her hands. Around 45 connoisseurs shortly be filled a sumptuous, vegan buffet – from Asian specialties to Polish delicacies. Jazz music is heard, the room is surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and the breakfast starts!

But why do we really like to eat together?

Is it the sharing? Is it the sociable pleasure? Is it the lively conversations? Is it the shared enjoyment of the delicacies? Is it the time you give to each other? Is it better to enjoy it together than alone? Is it to get to know others better? So that fewer residues remain? Or do we want to spice up a meal?

Certainly a little bit of everything this morning…