Gauss-Telegraph: Intercultural exchange of a special kind

Gauss-Telegraph: Intercultural exchange of a special kind

Workshop of the music ensemble of the University of Thessaly from Greece

You are interested in intercultural exchange, like to play board games, have a musical streak and / or would like to get a taste of the Greek language?

We look forward to a special highlight within the framework of the Language Week of the Gauss Friends (27.11.-03.12.2018): The Rotary Club Braunschweig cordially invites us to a music workshop on 30.11. and 01.12.2018 with the music ensemble of the University of Thessaly from Greece.

Carl-Friedrich-Gauss as our symbolic host of science and namesake not only represents the natural sciences – he also learned eagerly the ancient languages ​​Latin and Greek, among others. In addition to pioneering discoveries in mathematics, he also dealt in depth with philology, philosophy and literature.

In this tradition, we want to embark on a musical journey of discovery to Greece and build bridges between different nationalities with music as a universal language, experience intercultural encounters and develop our mutual understanding.

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On a Greek trial course on Friday, 30.11.2018 you can experience elements of the Greek language, its harmony and rhythm. The music pedagogue and singer Maria Thoidou, lecturer in Music and Singing at the University of Thessaly, also introduces you to songs and important works of Greek music. However, Mrs. Thoidou and the music ensemble of the University of Thessaly from Greece expressly invite you not only to get to know the Greek language but also to mediate between cultures with music as a universal language.

Together with the music ensemble and the pianist and arranger Thodoros Kotepanos, intercultural, musical bridges will be built in the workshop. At the same time, bridges of friendship, cooperation and tolerance between people and nations should emerge, as mutual intercultural understanding grows.

On Saturday evening, there will also be the opportunity to get to know the Greek guests in a relaxed atmosphere and to make friends as part of an international game night at Gauss Haus.

On Sunday, the workshop will conclude with a concert in the Old City Hall of Braunschweig and at the same time the jointly elaborated work will be performed to the general public.

The Gauss Friends are looking forward to this special opportunity for intercultural exchange during the Greek workshop days and are looking forward to many participants! Whether a trial course, a joint game evening or the mere enjoyment of Greek music – be there: Meet our Greek guests and live together with us encounter between the different nationalities!

Program Overview:

Date Time Place Event
30.11 12:00 pm ESG (Pockelsstr. 21) Music workshop
  07:00 pm ESG (Pockelsstr. 21) Greek trial course
01.12 12:00 pm ESG (Pockelsstr. 21) Music workshop
  07:00 pm Gauss Haus (Güldenstr. 8) International game-evening
02.12 05:00 pm Altstadtrathaus (Altstadtmarkt 7) Concert

More information and registration on site at the responsible persons or at

You can download our flyer here.

Note: These events can be credited within the scope of the Gauss-Certificate.

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