Here they are: Your weekly fresh Gauss-Tips for 12/04/-12/11/

ST: NICHOLAS DAY: If you are new in Germany you might not know the following. This Thursday is St. Nicholas Day and that means you might get a little present from someone or you have a gift for someone special. Kids and sometimes even adults put their shoes, mostly boots, in front of their doors and wake up happily when they discover their little present from St. Nicholas. Also, for the Catholics it is the Saint’s Day of all of those named after St. Nicholas or have one derived from the saint’s name: Nicholas, Niklas etc. . 


On Thursday you can enjoy a cult-classic German movie from 1944: Die Feuerzangenbowle. The story is simple: While enjoying a Feuerzangenbowle, a typical alcoholic drink you can find on Christmas markets, a group of adult men are having a nostalgic conversation about their school days. Johannes Peiffer cannot cope with that, as he had private classes. So, he goes back to school to revive the lost past. For 5€ you can see the movie at the Audimax and also drink some hot wine. There will be two screenings, one at seven and one at nine pm. More information here.


The over 1050 year old city between Hamburg and Hanover is one of the most fascinating cities in northern Germany. Its historic architecture in the style of the brick Gothic is in charming contrast to the lively, young city life. During the Second World War Lüneburg remained undamaged, so that the city kept a closed, medieval cityscape – one of the reasons why in Lüneburg earned the title of a Hanseatic city again in October 2007. On Saturday the meeting point will be at the Info-Point at the Brunswick Central Station. Participation is for free and no registration is required!
Do not forget your student ID to ride the train without costs! In case you do not have a semester ticket, you can join other people to buy a group ticket on-site. More information here.


On Sunday a special Christmas market will be held at the Landtechnikmuseum in Brunswick, the museum for agricultural machines. Starting at 11 am the market will offer typical food and drinks and art handicrafts to purchase all surrounded by the long history of agriculture. More information here.

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