Gauss-Telegraph: Festival contre le racisme

Gauss-Telegraph: Festival contre le racisme

The Gauss Friends, the Z_SchuLe – Gauss Haus Project and the Department for International Students invite to the local Festival contre le racisme on July 2nd, 2019:
In a colorful program, you can discuss about discrimination problems and their solutions, create a sensibilization for discrimination of all kinds, learn about Cameroonian culture and celebrate the internationalization until late in the night.
Anyone who is open to other cultures is invited to come by, to inform, to have a say, to join in the celebrations, and to set a course against discrimination!


2:30 pm – Presentation: Discrimination against Chinese students (Old main building, PK 4.2)

4:15 pm – Workshop: Racist-motivated controls at nightclubs (Old main building, PK 4.2)

6:00 pm – Cameroonian evening (Gauss Haus)

10:00 Uhr – Party: Beat against racism (Gauss Haus)


Stand up against discrimination on the anti-discrimination rally!

Many foreign students and people with foreign roots have to deal with discrimination and prejudices in their daily life. Explore the various forms of discrimination in line with the Festival contre le racisme. Don´t be shy, participate in the rally of the Gauss Friends and the Department for International Students!

Inform yourself at the stations against racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia and sexism. Symbolize your solidarity through photos with a rainbow flag, a kippa, a headscarf, a skirt or play our anti-racist chess.

If you have successfully completed all the stations, you can participate in the raffle of the book “Papa, was ist ein Fremder?”!

Come over and fight against discrimination!