Here they are: Your weekly fresh Gauss-Tips for Jan. 8th – 15th

BRAUNSCHWEIG: Concert Heavyball [UK] – Jan. 16th at 8:00 pm

Heavyball are a self-proclaimed “new tone” 4 piece band from Nottingham, England, founded in 2011. They describe their sound as an interpretation of two tone and ska. Her influences come from artists such as Viz, Shane Meadows and the storytelling traditions of country and western. Optimistic, uplifting, with a dash of melancholy – that’s Heavyball! Since supporting the Kaiser Chiefs and The Selecter, they have been headlining their shows themselves. They have been touring Europe every year since 2015. Every single heavyball single was played on English National Radio. Entry costs € 7, admission is at 8:00 pm. More information here

BRAUNSCHWEIG: Concert: Winter´s secret light – Jan. 17th at 7:00 pm

Students of the Institute for Music and their mediation at the TU Braunschweig will present their winter songs on January 17th, 2020 at 7:00 pm. in the St. Andreas Church in Braunschweig. The theme of the concert is light as a symbol of hope. The program consists of a stylistically diverse repertoire (from Edward Grieg’s lyrical pieces to Stephen Schwartz’s “For Good” as well as the students ’own compositions). It encompasses works with different instrumentation (including single and polyphonic vocals with instrumental accompaniment, solo piano, instrumental ensemble). Admission is free. Feel free to donate. More information here. 

BRAUNSCHWEIG: Theater: The Grimm Sisters – Jan 17th at 8:00pm & Jan. 18th at 8:00 pm.

Theater 7schuh and Papperlapapp are today´s guests in the Fadenschein puppet theater. The play “The Grimm Sisters” is about traditional German fairy tales, but somewhat differently. The contrast between the harmonious, romantic as well as the criminal and brutal sides of the fairy tales is being examined with a lot of black humor. Admission is between 14 € and 18 €, for students of the TU and HBK with a cultural ticket (probably) free. More information here