Here they are: Your weekly fresh Gauss-Tips for Jan. 22nd – 29th

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Lecture: Cause of Flight Climate Change – Jan 23rd at 7:00 pm

Climate change and the associated consequences and necessary measures have become a central topic of public debate in Germany. Elsewhere, the consequences of climate change have long been a threat to existence. Distribution conflicts have long since arisen due to water shortages. Man-made climate change is already destroying livelihoods in many countries. What are the climatic challenges facing people in Middle Eastern countries? To what extent do consequences of climate and environmental change cause political conflicts? Are these developments reflected in the current debates on refugee and migration policy? Where: House of Cultures V., more information here.

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Long Museum Night – Jan 25th from 7:00pm – midnight

The three state museums in Braunschweig (special exhibitions of the Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum and Burg Dankwarderode as well as the permanent exhibitions of the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum can be visited for € 9.00 (reduced € 6.00; children free) during the evening There is also an extensive accompanying program and food and drinks are being offered in the Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum and Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum. Further information here

BRAUNSCHWEIG: Movie: Der Marktgerechte Mensch – Jan 23rd to Jan 29th, everyday at 4:50 pm

“The market-oriented person” is a movie about the work life. When people “become goods”, their human dignity is lost. Twenty years ago in Germany almost two thirds of the employees were in a full-time job with a social security insurance. Nowadays this number is down to 38%. The film deals with the development of jobs towards burnout – and with the alternative. Companies that operate according to the principle of the common good, workers in supply services who set up a works council and the strength of solidarity among young people who advocate a system change are presented. “The market-driven person” is a film that questions the situation, that wants to encourage people to get involved and join forces. The movie is shown at Universum movie theatre, tickets cost about 8 €. Further information here