Gauss-Telegraph: World trip from home in 30 days – Málaga

Gauss-Telegraph: World trip from home in 30 days – Málaga

by Andrés Muñoz

View from Mount Gibralfaro

My impression of Málaga

Located on Spain’s Costa del Sol in the Mediterranean, Málaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Founded by the Phoenicians, ruled by the Romans, the Moors and the Christians, the city has become a melting-pot of all these cultures. The archaeological ruins and monuments show the city’s history across all these eras. Nowadays, Málaga has turned into a cultural center in Europe. Málaga is often overshadowed by popular destinations in Spain, like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville or Mallorca, so it’s not so overcrowded. Plus its location in southern Spain benefits from nice weather all year round and compared to other touristy locations, Andalusian people seem more friendly. 

Pablo Picasso on Plaza de la Merced

Must-see attractions

Málaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. His former house on Plaza de la Merced, where he was born in 1881, is open to public and guards Picasso’s memories from his childhood until the day he left Málaga. Furthermore, the Museo Picasso shows over 250 works created by Picasso over the course of his life. The collection portrays Picasso’s artistic evolution throughout the years, from his early paintings to cubism. Another cultural highlight in Málaga is the Centre Pompidou Málaga, the first international location of the well-known Centre Pompidou in Paris. It houses semi-permanent exhibitions from the borrowed from the museum in Paris featuring artworks from Picasso, Kandinski, Chagall, Miró and Kahlo.

Alcazaba de Málaga

The museum is located on the harbor promenade, so you can have a walk along the sea after visiting the museum. On the opposite side of Muelle Uno – a pier with restaurants and shops – you will find the Malagueta beach. The old town is reachable by foot from this area. The old town is mostly a pedestrian area, characterized by narrow streets packed with tapas restaurants, boutiques and cafés. However, if you get lost, you can make your way towards the cathedral, which can be spot from its surroundings.

Best place in the city

The castle of Gibralfaro, on top of Mount Gibralfaro, has the most wonderful view of the city and the Costa del Sol. Though this former Moorish castle is mostly in ruins now, the scenery is worth the wait. You can either walk uphill or take a bus from the city center. Below the castle of Gibralfaro is the Alcazaba de Málaga – another Moorish castle. The Alcazaba is better preserved than Gibralfaro. You can immerse yourself in the Moorish architecture by visiting the remaining towers of the fortress and the gardens in the courtyards. 


Favorite local dish

You can’t visit Spain without eating Tapas. There are countless varieties of tapas. They can either be served cold (like olives filled with anchovies or red pepper) or warm (such as croquettes). Some examples of tapas are meatballs, banderillas (skewers), chorizo sausage, empanadillas, potatoes served with salsa brava (spicy tomato sauce), seafood, wild mushrooms… 



Note: Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we don’t recommend to travel until the all restrictions have been lifted.