Gauss-Telegraph: World trip from home in 30 days – Chicago

Gauss-Telegraph: World trip from home in 30 days – Chicago

by Evelyn Agren


Chicago’s Skyline

My impression of Chicago

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, behind New York on the east coast and Los Angeles on the west coast. It is located in the north of the Midwest, along Lake Michigan. Chicago is known as the Windy City because Lake Michigan causes it to be very windy, especially in the winter. Chicago is also famous for its gangsters from the 1920s, like Al Capone. When visiting Chicago there is a lot of interesting architecture to see. Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked there, and there are many homes he designed in the suburbs of Chicago. You can even tour his own home and adjacent studio, which are excellent examples of his unique interior architecture style.

Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower)

Must-see attractions

Chicago is the city with the most buildings by Mies van der Rohe, another famous architect who is considered a pioneer of modern architecture. Chicago is also known for its tall buildings as modern-day skyscrapers were made possible by Chicago architects Burnham and Root. They utilized steel frames in their buildings in the late 19th century to allow for taller heights, as seen in the Rookery Building. Of course, the most famous Chicago skyscraper is the Sears Tower, now known as the Willis Tower, which was the tallest building in the world until 1998. For people who enjoy nature, Lake Michigan is one of the most beautiful sights to see. The lake is so large that it looks like the sea, and there are beaches alongside the lakefront where you can sit and enjoy the view. Lake Michigan feeds into the Chicago River, which flows through the city and is dyed green every year for St. Patrick’s Day. Millennium Park is also a must visit, with many landmarks including Cloud Gate (familiarly known as “The Bean”) a reflective steel sculpture that provides a distorted reflection when you walk around it. Crown Fountain is also located in the park, two towers with screens that play videos and have water flowing from the top.

Grant Park





Best museum in Chicago

The best museum to visit in Chicago is the Museum of Science and Industry, the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere with over 37,000 square meters of exhibitions. The building the museum is housed in was built in 1893 as the Palace of Fine Arts for the Chicago World’s Fair and is the only building left standing from the so-called “White City” of world’s fair buildings. The museum has many interactive exhibits ranging from biology to transportation. Other museums to visit are the Field Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Favorite local dish

One other thing to make sure you try if you visit Chicago is deep-dish pizza. This dish is uniquely Chicagoan and is so thick that it is closer to a pie than a typical pizza.

Note: Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we don’t recommend to travel until the all restrictions have been lifted.