Gauss-Telegraph: World trip from home in 30 days – Singapore

Gauss-Telegraph: World trip from home in 30 days – Singapore

by Hui Lin Kong

Marina Bay


My impression of Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of a vast varieties of cultures and ethnicities as well as a glittering metropolis and a city of superlatives situated in the heart of Southeast Asia. Singapore has developed from an emerging country to an industrialized country in a short time and is now known as the “lion city” as Singha means lion and pura means city.

Clean, modern and embedded with high technology around the city – that is exactly what makes Singapore emerge as a special and civilised city. Particularly impressive in Singapore is one of the most popular landmarks : the Merlion, a hybrid of mermaid (Mermaid) and lion (Lion). Because of its symbolic nature for Singapore and Singaporeans in general, it is often used to represent both the city-state and its population in sports teams, branding, tourism and as a national personification.

Gardens by the Bay

Must-see attractions

Doubtless, everyone have to treat themselves to something special once landing in the city, i.e. check in at Marina Bay Sands and try out the highest pool in the world, also well known as the best infinity pool in Singapore. The building consists of three over 190m high skyscrapers and is connected by a ship-like superstructure , which include the CE LA VI bar, restaurants , viewing platform and nonetheless the 143m long infinity pool. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the lion city from the building , while enjoying cocktail or dip into the pool.

Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay



Singapore is futuristic and extraordinarily green. A trip to the indoor garden, Gardens by the Bay, is highly recommended. The mesmerising garden together with two greenhouses ,  is located on new land that has been wrested from the sea. These gigantic gardens not only offer well-kept botanical gardens, but also the world-famous, up to 50 m tall , illuminated Supertrees. One shall not miss the chance to grab a view of Cloud Forest, from which small waterfalls plunge into the depths. According to the entry in the Guinness Book of Records, the Flower Dome is labelled as the world’s largest glass greenhouse.

Evening sound with stunning light shows are all worth seeing! An unforgettable spectacle from the dazzling display of multi-coloured light shows to sound of well-known tunes takes place every evening. These light shows in Singapore also include the breath taking Garden Rhapsody in Gardens by the Bay, Spectra in Marina Bay Sands and the majestic Crane Dance in Sentosa. Given the proximity of Marina Bay Sands to Gardens by the Bay, you can even see two shows in a row. With so many great backdrops, it’s not surprising that you will find somewhere in Singapore lit up in stunning blend of colours every evening of the week. From incredible laser shows that light up Marina Bay 7 nights a week to huge artificial trees that glow for miles around the city, these light shows are free for everyone and provide great entertainment for the whole family.

Jewel Changi Airport

Favorite local dish

Singapore is also an absolute paradise for anyone who loves to eat. Countless delicacies ranging  from Chinese cuisines to Indian delicacies as well as Malay dishes can be found everywhere. Diversity is the key word in Singapore. Chili crabs, one of the most popular dishes, is a must for all visitors . Savour together with cold beer in another hand while enjoying the spicy chili crabs, it is  with no doubts a heaven for the gourmets. You can try crispy, spiced satay skewers, fish head curry, Hainanese chicken rice and much more in local food stalls, food court or hawker center.







Note: Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we don’t recommend to travel until the all restrictions have been lifted.