Gauss-Telegraph: 17 international people in Braunschweig – Ferdinand Georg

Gauss-Telegraph: 17 international people in Braunschweig – Ferdinand Georg

by Tina Metschke

  1. Where are you from/did you grow up? What was it like there?

In Düsseldorf – there is a slightly more open mentality than in Braunschweig.

  1. When did you come to Braunschweig?

In 1991.

  1. Why / What was the reason to leave your home?

To study architecture.

  1. Where do you live now?

Still in Braunschweig.

  1. Have you ever lived abroad or do you plan to do so in the future?

Always been open to it – also in the future.

  1. How did you hear about the Gauss Friends back then?

I got to know the founder Younouss Wadjinny and soon got fully involved in the project.

  1. Do you have a favourite event or activity in the Gauss-Haus?

The former Café Litteraire. Later the country evenings.

  1. What was your best moment in the Gauss-Haus?

When I realised the value of intercultural understanding.

  1. What makes the Gauss-Haus so special to you?

The openness, the freedom, the interpersonal relationships without borders.

  1. When did you join?

In 2009.

  1. Have you been there before as a guest?

A couple of times as a guest before I became active.

  1. Which historical moments, like handing over the keys of the Gauss-Haus, award of the AA Prize, establishment of the Gauss-Haus project, publication of the book etc. did you experience?

Almost all main events between 2009 and 2013.

  1. How did you experience this moment(s)? Were you actively involved?

I belonged to the inner circle and was also involved conceptually.

  1. What were your tasks?

Conceptual strategies. Corporate design. Design of the programme flyers. Design of the logo. Design of the “Gauss Telegraph”. Management of the German conversation course, Latin course, phonetics workshops, drawing workshops etc.

  1. Are you still involved in the Gauss-Haus or a similar Association?

I’m on standby for graphic advice on printed matter. At the moment there is no comparable association work.

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