Statement: International alumni in need

Statement: International alumni in need

The corona crisis represents a great challenge for students in Germany. However, international graduates seeking work during the Corona pandemic are even more affected.

The economy in Germany is still suffering from the consequences of the Corona crisis. A long curfew has led to many industrial companies inevitably imposing a hiring freeze. This increased the difficulties in finding a job. Companies were closed and unavailable. Job seekers received late or no feedback at all. Many institutions and authorities were also unreachable. Students in the final phase and new graduates are still under psychological and financial strain: Scholarship is over, HiWi jobs are no longer possible after exmatriculation and parental support is no longer an option due to the acute situation in the home countries. As a result, many graduates have been put into a hardship case.

Although the economy in Germany has been severely affected, there is still a demand for skilled workers, for example in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science, which is necessary for future economic growth. If many international graduates are deported now, it will be difficult for Germany to continue normal operations without the qualified international alumni. Moreover, so much has already been invested in the education of these highly qualified graduates and emigration would mean a loss for the country.

The association “Alumni Braunschweig International” and the Gauss Friends express their solidarity with the international alumni in need and ask the immigration authorities to take these exceptional circumstances into account when extending their residence permit.

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