Gauss-Advent Calendar: Christmas in Cameroon

Gauss-Advent Calendar: Christmas in Cameroon

by Fabien Diffé

© Présidence de la République du Cameroun

In Cameroon, Christmas is a Christian festival that has a very great significance for children and young people, in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The preparations begin already at the beginning of December. Small poems or Christian texts will be distributed to children up to 10 years old. The texts will be learned by heart. On the evening of December 24th the children recite the poems on stage. There will be decorations everywhere: You can see Christmas trees, lights, glitter, Santa Clauses and gifts all around. In addition, theater plays, concerts, food, gifts and parties are prepared by young people.

On December 24th parents cook their children’s favorite meals, prepare beautiful clothes and wrap presents. The children prepare for a long evening. They get a new hairstyle and put on their most beautiful clothes. At 6:00 pm everyone goes to church or to the places where the youngsters meet. There the children perform on stages. It is a special festivity, because often prominent guests come and join. People are singing, dancing, playing theater and gifts are distributed. At the end of the day, very late at night, there is a large buffet. Afterwards everything is dismantled for the events on December 25th.

On December 25th there are family celebrations all day long. Parents are preparing everything and the children can sleep late so that they can rest from the previous night. At noon everything is ready. Each family sits down at a table and eats together. After dinner the children receive gifts from their parents and some money for the parties in the evening. At 8pm everyone, including adults, prepares for a party. Then it starts with one of the biggest party evenings of the year.

This is how Christmas is celebrated in a Christian family in Cameroon. Do you also come from a Christian African country? What are the differences between your country and the festivities in Cameroon? Feel free to tell us about your traditions in the comments below our post on Facebook or Instagram.