Gauss-Telegraph: Intercultural Study Groups are starting!

Gauss-Telegraph: Intercultural Study Groups are starting!

The long time spent studying online at home presents challenges for all of us. Especially in the first semester, contact with other students is missing. To counteract this, to enable exchange again and thus to bring both the fun back into studying, we are launching our interdisciplinary intercultural learning groups. 

Good study habits + commitment = success

Learning in a study group is a great way to liven up your study time. It can be very monotonous and exhausting to spend long hours alone in the library or at home. Joining a study group and learning in a group environment makes learning more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Whether you are studying mechanical engineering or computer science, are writing your Bachelor thesis or dissertation or are enrolled at HBK or TU Braunschweig, the goal of these study groups is to increase motivation in learning through contact with other people. According to the Lower Saxony Corona regulation, learning groups will be formed by three people. You decide whether you meet online, in the library or in the shared flat. We will set up a separate channel for you on Discord as well. 

If there are any misunderstandings or problems within the learning group, feel free to contact us! We will find a solution together.

Intercultural learning groups

 Note: Unfortunately, a study group from your field of study cannot be guaranteed.

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