Gauss-Telegraph: Language Week

Gauss-Telegraph: Language Week

May 27th to June 2nd 2019

You want to refresh your language skills or meet other people who speak the same language? You want to get an insight into a completely different language and culture? Then you are exactly right at this year’s Language Week of the Gauss Friends!

From May 27th until June 2nd the Gauss Haus or the Gauss-Library host daily events on various languages, to which everyone is welcome. The language week will be inaugurated with the Portuguese Regular’s table. On Tuesday, we will be offering an extensive program in line with the Turkish theme-evening, consisting of a presentation about Greek letters in the natural sciences and Gauss and foreign languages. To the occasion of the language week, the Language Center of the TU Braunschweig will be invited within the context of the project “Gauss-Advice”, which will present its program and its cooperation with the Gauss Friends.

Afterwards, an event regarding German phonetics will take place in the Gauss-Library as part of the Gauss reading-circle. The language week will continue in the evening at Gauss Haus with the Spanish regular’s table. On Thursday, French is on the program, before you can learn Russian on Friday.

Saturday will be the game-evening with S.O.S. (Studying without language barriers), in which the German language is playfully in focus. Meanwhile, you will first have the opportunity to participate in a Danish, Swedish or Finnish trial course. Subsequently, we will travel imaginatively from Northern Europe to East Asia in order to learn Chinese or Korean at a trial course.

In the end, the Arabic Regular’s table will be carried out, where you can get to know the language and culture in different activities. Later, the Indian and Pakistani students will meet at the Hindustani Regulars’ table to peacefully share their languages and cultures.

The language is all about multilingualism and the role model is the polyglot Carl-Friedrich Gauss, who was able to learn not only German but also languages ​​such as Latin, French or even Russian, which he learned at the age of 60. This insight into different languages ​​and cultures made possible by the Language Week is an important component of international understanding and acceptance. Come along and have fun getting to know new languages. The Gauss Friends are all happy to invite you!

You can download our flyer here.

Note: These events can be credited within the scope of the Gauss-Certificate.