Gauss Tips

Here they are: The fresh Gauss tips for the next week (or probably longer):

The corona virus is a huge topic everywhere and as everyone can probably imagine, no public events are recommended in these Gauss tips. Instead, there are a few ideas today about how to spend time at home while avoiding social contacts as much as possible.

Let´s start with some basic ideas: Sure, you can watch TV, stream series and movies, play video games, watch YouTube until you know what noises zebras make and you can of course sleep a lot. But first, all of these things tend to get boring after a while, and second, you are not being very productive this way.

Therefore, this list should serve as inspiration if you are looking for some other ideas how to spend your time.

  • call or video call your friends and family
  • finish a project that you didn´t finish for a long time (e.g. some crafts, painting the wall, finishing to paint a picture, etc.)
  • or starting with a new project or hobby, e.g. painting, meditating, drawing, sewing, knitting, learning a new dance, yoga, finally learning how to do the splits, writing a diary, DIY projects or similar …

  • read a book or e-book (or many)
  • cook or bake something new
  • work out at home, e.g. with workout videos from the Internet
  • learn a new language or improve your language skills, e.g. with an app or by texting / calling friends from a suitable country
  • play card or board games with your roommates
  • repot your plants
  • move the furniture in the room
  • tidy up and clean: perfect time for spring cleaning, this time maybe even cleaning windows, wiping on all cupboards and decluttering the wardrobe (if necessary)
  • study / prepare the new semester, this can also include research for your thesis
  • pick up the musical instrument that has been lying in the corner for a long time or sing something
  • offer your help to older people / risk groups, e.g. do the grocery shopping for them
  • declutter your phone and/or your computer (sort or delete files and photos), also a good opportunity to indulge in some old memories
  • self-care (take a bath, put on a sheet mask, dance to your favorite music in the room)
  • And if all of this doesn’t help: Just do nothing, boredom is known to promote creativity

Stay healthy!