Gauss-Telegraph: How To… Manage your time

Gauss-Telegraph: How To… Manage your time

by Medi Mnaouar

  1. Set up a program;

The importance of planning cannot be overestimated. Otherwise, a morning of “work” can be very quickly transformed into 4 hours of hanging around on Facebook, in short, a lost morning. Ideally, you should plan your daily tasks in advance or divide them into time slots and reserve the most urgent activities for the most productive hours of the day.

  1. Do not be distracted;

Distraction is your enemy number one. If you constantly check your email (or Instagram, or Facebook or other social networks), you won’t get very far. This affects your concentration, your effectiveness and also your creativity.

  1. Create a list of priorities;

An efficient way to better organize your time and work is to create priority lists. This way you can better coordinate your tasks.  Take 15 minutes at the beginning of the day to create a priority list.

  1. One thing at a time;

You should only concentrate on one task. Only when you are finished with this task should you start with the next one.

  1. Banish sleepless nights;

For your regular work and important projects you need to give them the attention they deserve. This means that you must be in good shape; make sure you sleep and eat well. Stick to the famous “healthy body in a healthy mind” and you will get healthy.

  1. Your bed is for sleeping, not for working;

Fatal mistake! Do not work in places that you associate with relaxation. A comfortable bed will not encourage you to work. To avoid the temptation of a pillow, dedicate a room in your home to your work.

  1. Remember to take notes;

Get into the habit of always carrying a notebook with you (or download an application for this purpose). Write down all ideas and information that come to your mind. Then simply add these notes to your schedule the next day.

  1. Do not panic;

Forgive yourself if you cannot finish what you had planned during the day. This happens! Do your best to organize yourself according to your priorities and concentrate on what is important.

  1. Have fun

Do not forget to have fun! If you work without having fun and don’t laugh now and then, you are good for a burn-out. And above all, don’t forget to take time to enjoy yourself.