Inside Gauss Haus: The vision of the Gauss International Club

Inside Gauss Haus: The vision of the Gauss International Club

The idea to establish the alliance between the Gauss Friends, the AStA department for international students, the AStA department for international affairs, the association “Alumni Braunschweig International” and the former Gauss Haus Project as the Gauss International Club had already been in the making for several years. The vision was to implement a permanent concept with a sound staff structure. In doing so, we wanted to reduce the amount of volunteer work in order to create structures that are independent of people. Unfortunately, we did not succeed in continuing the Gauss Haus Project at the TU Braunschweig.

Does the decision of the TU Braunschweig mean the end of our vision or a new start?

Although our original plan was not successful, we will not lose sight of our vision. We see this event as an opportunity to create new innovative structures. 

Vision: “To promote a cosmopolitan society and a living welcoming culture for the integration of all people.”

In doing so, we want to bundle diverse offers under an international cross-university cultural center, where the affected target group is made participant and given a place to shape the activities themselves. Cultural exchange, social issues and scientific topics will be combined under one encounter place. Thus, the Gauss International Club will deal with internationalization, anti-discrimination work and scientific exchange, among others. 

Empowerment stands as the key to the success of our vision. Thus, the role of student body and alumni representation will be strengthened and student engagement will be encouraged. Constructive exchange, diversity and participation will be strongly embedded in the values of the Gauss International Club.

Our new vision is currently in the preparation phase and we are looking forward to cooperate with all culturally interested people or organizations.