Gauss Tips

Gauss Tips

Here they are: The fresh biweekly Gauss tips from May 5th to May 18th, 2021

Photo exhibition COVID-19 / Faces of Resilience – May 5th to Sep. 18th

Photographs by Claudia Paul, New York. The first wave of the pandemic hit New York harder than almost any other city in the world. Far too quickly, local hospitals reached their breaking point, and the city seemed to buckle under the pressure of inexorably rising numbers of infections. At Mt. Sinai Hospital, one of the largest, oldest and most prestigious teaching hospitals in the U.S., circumstances also pushed staff to the brink. Continuous shifts, staff shortages and a lack of resources made the fight against the virus a seemingly impossible task. In order to document the reality of this exceptional situation, the hospital commissioned Claudia Paul to photographically accompany the everyday life of the hospital staff under the working title “COVID-19”. In the course of this collaboration, Paul’s personal project “Faces of Resilience” was also created. The photographs show unique insights into life on the front lines of the pandemic, revealing the emotional and physical exhaustion of the hospital staff as well as their great resilience and tireless commitment to the sick.

Click here for the photo exhibition.

© League of Revolutionary Black Workers & Newsreel – Finally got the news

HBK-Film forum: Collective film (LRBW & Newsreel – Finally got the news: curated and presented by Rita Macedo)  – May 10th at 7:00pm.

A collective documentary of the struggles of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers (LRBW) in Detroit, as they battle the auto industry, and its conser- vative workers union, the UAW. The camera captures the workers on the picket line and in the factory, and ties their struggle into the broader historical and revo- lutionary struggles of Black workers.

Newsreel was formed in 1968 in New York and consisted of a group of film- makers and activists dedicated to the creation of a radical alternative to mass media. Working in many decentralized film collectives in several cities, Newsreel produced films on civil rights, uprisings in communities and campuses, and many other political issues.

Click here for the program of the film forum of HBK.

Online Presentation: Digital Tuesday | Digital Currency – May 11th at 6:00 pm

Digital currencies or cryptocurrencies enable payments without central authorities such as banks. What was initially regarded as a gimmick has developed into a speculation object worth billions. But how do digital currencies work? Who creates this digital money, who controls it? Are digital currencies the store of value of the future, or will they turn out to be a bubble?

Tickets for free via Eventbrite.